Simone de Beauvoir: the “Second Sex”


    The male and female were opposed by both the fashion that prejudices and morals. The clothing differentiate individuals into categories in which everyone will recognize. Social categorization has led men and women to pour on clothing great expectations, thus raising it a social obligation. A social obligation that could not be left out […]

19 Novembre 2019

Virginia Woolf: the pioneer of feminism


LoWomen, who have recklessly challenged the bigoted thought of the period, were those who have, first of all, the characteristics of high intellect. In the Nineteenth century the revolution that was put into effect, was strictly cultural and intellectual. But how it could be happened? Documented by many texts of the period, the society was […]

15 Gennaio 2018

Femininity at the end of XIX century


Women have always had problems with their social condition that surely conducted them to afford with pain and difficulties life and choices. They represent the weak link of the humanity, with their sensitive nature and are always in opposition to the male sex that is the cause of restrictions, limitations and fears. A big literature […]

13 Gennaio 2018